Soil Testing

We need 2 cups of dry soil to get accurate results. This can be brought to our office in any clean container or Ziploc bag. Routine soil tests are typically $8.00 (cash or check). The Daviess County Soil & Water Conservation District is currently offering FREE soil tests through the Daviess County Extension Service. 

Why is soil testing important? Read the publication, Soil Testing: What It Is and What It Does (AGR-57), to learn more. 


Taking a Soil Sample

You will want a representative, random sample from the area you are interested in testing. Sample gardens, lawns, and landscaped areas separately. Collect cores randomly from each area. The area to sample for trees includes the soil below the width of the tree. For shrubs, flower beds, and gardens, sample just the soil where the plants are growing. You should sample problem areas and areas with shrubs, trees, or flower beds separately from other turf or lawn areas. Do not sample:

  • compost areas,
  • under the drip-line of trees, and
  • close to driveways or streets.

Watch the video below or read the publications listed for more information. Call us if you have any questions. 

Video on Soil Testing

Taking Soil Test Samples

Testing the Soil in the Lawn

Testing Soil in the Flower Garden


Soil Forms

The appropriate form below will need to be completed with your sample(s).

Horticulture Sample (residential)

Agriculture Sample

Commercial Sample